Annual Health Monitoring

Annual Health Monitoring - Risk Exposure Monitoring

To provide Health Monitoring based on the NZ 2015 Health and Safety at Work Act, if you have risk in your work environments that you cannot eliminate or isolate then you have a duty to monitor people's exposure to those risks.

Hazard Exposure Monitoring

  • Hearing testing noise exposure
  • Vision screening NZTA requirements and quality control
  • Lung Function air quality
  • Blood pressure stress factors
  • Melanoma screening those exposed to UV light
  • Workstation Setup - prevent OOS, RSI.


Full Muscular skeletal assessment

At work and outside work activities that could be impacting on work

  • Full muscular skeletal assessment of old or existing injury to joints, ligaments, muscles or tendons – by completing a full range of movement of each joint.
  • Full back assessment.

Wellness Advice and Educatin on:

  • Weight Loss and exercise programs
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Prostate/Cervical and Breast cancer information
  • Alcohol consumption information
  • Manage other heath issues that arise during consultation
  • Manual Handling - Back care and lifting techniques
  • Men and Women's health


Exit Medicals

An exit medical determines your business health liability at the time when your employee leaves you.

We check for

  • Injuries
  • Pain or discomfort,
  • Hearing and vision testing
  • Lung function
  • Effects of other hazards that could affect their health while they were in your employment.
  • Work and personal stress factors

Health Reports

We can provide annual health reporting to meet your legal requirements under the 2015 Health and Safety at Work Act (HSE Act). Contact us to book your Health Monitoring.

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