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Educate your staff

Workplace Health NZ Ltd will educate your staff through on-site tool box sessions, tailor-made to your industry specific requirements.

We cover any health subject to improve workplace health and safety:

  • Manual handling
  • Hydration in the Health and Safety Educationworkplace
  • Melanoma screening
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Hearing Loss Management
  • Coping with Injury
  • Muscular skeletal injuries
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • Chemical exposure
  • Diet and exercise programmes
  • Management Wellness
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition vs Body Outputs
  • Stress in the Workplace


We can support you with workplace stress management

Dealing with Bullying in the Workplace

Always difficult to manage when it's about your staff member's mental and physical health.

We suggest you let us, as independent health professionals, sort this for you when identified. Performance can be affected and you could lose valuable staff members.

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Personell Disaster PlanningOccupational Health and Safety

Workplaces need to be prepared for all sorts of natural and human disasters. Do you have a staff welfare and personell disaster plan in place?

Whether it is a death in the workplace, an employee crisis or epidemic planning, we can support you to have the best plans in place. Contact us for more information.



Professional Supervision

One-to-one coaching and support for staff at all levels. Read more...

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